1st ERANet-LAC Joint Call

In order to strengthen the bi-regional partnership in Science, Technology and Innovation, ERANet-LAC will implement two joint calls seeking to coordinate and cluster research programmes. Furthermore, the project will mutually open research infrastructures and coordinate and open innovation programmes.

ERANet-LAC will lay a special focus on the innovation dimension. It will seek to involve European and Latin American innovation agencies in the joint activities as well as in trust-building actions.

The joint activities carried out will be evaluated and function as a basis for a road map to be incorporated in a so-called EU-CELAC Platform for Funding Agencies. This funding platform will serve as information and communication platform and offer substantial guidelines as well as online working space to facilitate the development of future concrete bi-regional joint initiatives.


The main activities of ERANet-LAC:

  • Promotion of mutual opening and coordination of existing programmes, infrastructures and cooperation.
  • Implementation of 2 Joint Calls: The first one will be launched approximately in the end of 2014 and the second one in the end of 2015.
  • Coordination of a consultation process to inform funding agencies and research institutions from both regions about the joint actions.
  • Building a platform for EU and CELAC funding agencies.


Source: http://eranet-lac.eu/about-eranet-lac.php 

We are opening a new Master’s programme: Latin-American Studies


The Department Of International Relations and European Integration  in Bucharest is opening in October 2014 its Master’s programme – Latin American Studies 

The MA Program in Latin American studies is an initiative of the Institute of Latin American Studies and of the Department of International Relations and European Integration within the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration and is the first of its kind in Romania.

The outlining of such a program resulted from the need to meet the requirements and changes occurring in the international system, as the Latin American states are becoming increasingly attractive for the international community.

Through its bilingual (English and Spanish) courses, the Program`s purpose is to introduce students to the developments in the Latin American space, to analyse phenomena triggering various actions and above all, to attempt to predict relations between the states in this area and the European Union, the US or other relevant actors in the international system.

The Program aims to become a regional point of interest for those intending to complete their training in international relations and to acquire expertise in Latin American issues.

More information on website http://dri.snspa.ro/masterate/studii-latino-americane/.


De Santiago a Bruselas pasando por Bucarest

The Institute of Latin American Studies has the honor to announce the appearance of the publication De Santiago a Bruselas pasando por Bucarest, incorporating the panels’ and workshops’ reports of the Preparatory Reunion for the second EU-LAC Academic Summit held in Bucharest between 26- 27 May 2014.


Thank you for your interest in the event and wish you pleasant reading!

De Santiago a Bruselas pasando por Bucarest

Opportunity to strengthen the EU-LAC ties

ISLA recommendation:

GEYC Resources Center (Group of the European Youth for Change announce a call for candidates for the position of “New Media Ambassador”, for 3 months online internship. Their business partners are EU public institutions and boards, educational institutions and non- profit organization worldwide. It is a great chance for the persons who want to get connections with enthusiastic young people from EU and LAC, to gain new skills in the field of multimedia, PR communications and social media marketing that can be useful in promoting the values of the two regions.

The applicants that mention `International Youth` in the application form in the section “How did you supported GEYC Resources
Center by now?–> Other will have a priority to be selected.


– See more at: http://goo.gl/lvZS1w

Latin American Film Festival

The Embassies of Latin America and the Caribbean in collaboration with the Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Center in Iasi will hold between 8 and July 16 the Latin American Film Festival. The event will take place at the House of Culture “Mihai Ursachi” , Copou Park,  Iasi.


Lecture: “The Triangular Relation between the European Union-Latin America and Caribbean-United States”

1268545044_Joaquin_RoyIn the context of the Preparatory Seminar for the 2nd Academic Summit EU-Latin America and the Caribbean, Mr. Joaquin Roy, Director of the EU Center at the University of Miami held a lecture on “The Triangular Relation between the European Union-Latin America and Caribbean-United States” on Wednesday May 28, 2014. The event was attended by MA students and professors from the Department of International Relations and European Integration of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies.

Conclusion of the Seminar

The Preparatory Seminar for the 2nd Summit Latin America and the Caribbean – European Union held in Bucharest, May 26-27, 2014 brought together more than 150 key participants from the European and Latin-American academic area,  including Mr. Titus Corlăţean, Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Remus Pricopie, Romanian Minister of Education; Mr. Ioan Mircea Pascu, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament, experts, professors and representatives of the diplomatic bodies in the two regions.

The event encompassed the opening conference attended by representatives of Romanian national authorities, MEPs and representatives of the Institute for Latin American Studies as the host institution for the seminar, lectures held by experts and professors and three main panels:

1. MAPPING OF THE EU-LAC ACADEMIC AND SCIENTIFIC COOPERATION: Models and features. Its main goal is to advance the proposed mapping, as it is specified within the 2013-2015 FAP Action Plan

2. THE H2020 AND ERASMUS PLUS PROGRAMS: Preliminary evaluation of their implementation. Recommendations.

3. COOPERATION BETWEEN UNIVERSITIES- COMPANIES-PUBLIC SECTOR aimed to promote innovation, competitiveness and development

At the conclusion of the Seminar, participants expressed their enthusiastic views on the event which represented an excellent forum for communication aimed at developing the academic relations between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean, while the findings of the debates and panels constituted an important step for discussions and decisions in the future Academic Summit in terms of integrating the higher education, research and innovation systems and of improving their relation with the society and the productive sector.

The second day of the Preparatory Seminar

The second day of the Preparatory Seminar continues with exposes of the invited experts and universitary professors from Latin America and European Union.

Preparatory Seminar Opening

We are glad to announce  the opening of the Preparatory Seminar for the Second EU-CELAC Academic Summit, held in Bucharest on May 26-27, 2014.

During the welcome session, the event has been honoured by the presence of the Romanian Ministry of Education, Remus Pricopie and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Titus Corlățean, as well as other representatives of the Romanian Diplomatic Service.

At the conference, the ambassadors of the Latin American countries accredited in Bucharest welcomed the ISLA’s initiative and manifested their support for the academic cooperation between the two regions.

The Seminar’s works, that are undergoing, are centered on three topics: `The proposals of the 1st Academic Summit and the Action Plan of the EU-LAC Academic Forum: pathways for follow-up and implementation`, `Preliminary analysis of EU’s educational programs UE H2020 and Erasmus Plus` and `Joint collaboration between these three entities: Universities – Business companies – Public Sector`, having as participants experts and professors from Latin American and European Union.

Final programme

Dear participants,the final programme of the Preparatory Seminar can be found here.