The MA Program in Latin American studies is an initiative of the Institute of Latin American Studies and of the Department of International Relations and European Integration within the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration and is the first of its kind in Romania.

The outlining of such a program resulted from the need to meet the requirements and changes occurring in the international system, as the Latin American states are becoming increasingly attractive for the international community.

Through its bilingual (English and Spanish) courses, the Program`s purpose is to introduce students to the developments in the Latin American space, to analyse phenomena triggering various actions and above all, to attempt to predict relations between the states in this area and the European Union, the US or other relevant actors in the international system.

The Program aims to become a regional point of interest for those intending to complete their training in international relations and to acquire expertise in Latin American issues.

The MA Program has been accredited and  we are honored to welcome its first generation of students in Latin American Studies for the 2014-2015 academic year.

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