ISLA intends to develop and promote the relations between Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe through research, exchange programs, debates and partnerships. Institute aims to provide its expertize to the academic community and relevant social, economic and political actors, as well as to help promote the exchange of values ​​and experiences between the two dynamic areas.

ISLA aims to create a network of institutions of educational, research and scientific information, as well as of relevant actors in the areas of political and economic/trade cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe in order to coordinate and strengthen the relationships with similar partners in Latin America.

The development of ISLA could favor the transformation of the National Univesity of Political Studies and Public Administration in an academia hub that links the academic communities of the two regions, a center of excellence for debates and partnerships, as well as a major player in promoting the image and the national and regional interests of Latin America.

ISLA is a space for the academic, political, diplomatic, economic, media and business worlds, aimed at promoting the experiences of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe in the Euro-Atlantic integration process currently under development by the EU, NAFTA or MERCOSUR.

The main objectives to fulfill the mission of CEEILAS are:

• to promote nationally and internationally the research on the economic, political, cultural and diplomatic relations between Central and Eastern Europe, on the one hand, and Latin America, on the other hand;

• to continously strengthen the relations with the states and the relevant actors in the area of interest;

• to promote and disseminate nationally and internationally the results of the research conducted by the Institute;

• to provide expertise in its areas of activity;

• to collaborate nationally and internationally with relevant actors in the academic, social, economic and political communities;

• to attract national and international funds to fulfill the mission of the Institute;

• to develop and implement research projects or otherwise, on its own or in partnership, nationally or internationally;